New Ranges In Stock Now! 😻 Posted on 4 May 10:38

This month we've got some exciting new ranges and additions to our existing brands to show you!

Firstly, we've added some new items to our gorgeous Sara Miller collection - two stunning tall travel mugs for fashionistas on the go. Our favourite has to be the Flamboyant Flamingo version in all its hot pink gorgeousness 💕

Next comes a completely new brand for us: Pusheen - a kawaii cute kitty cat character with her very own web comic series who has made it on to some of the most adorable products we've ever seen 😻 Our pick of the range? This Pusheen-shaped trinket tray/teabag tidy which is even gift boxed so you can give it to your cat-mad friends.

And finally for today, we introduce Yvonne Ellen to the store - makers of luxurious contemporary products with quirky vintage twists. All our Yvonne Ellen products have touches of shiny metallic gold for that super-luxe look including this pretty mug dedicated to two of our favourite drinks 😉